Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Permaculture Festival

Last weekend, from 19 to 21 June 2015, the second Permaculture Fesvial (Permafest SA 2015) was held at Wild Spirit Backpackers' Lodge near Nature's Valley in the Western Cape of South Africa.

It was a positive and uplifiting experience, showing us that change really is happening. More and more people are practising permaculture and eco-friendly ways of living,  growing their own food and helping others access nutritious food more easily.

Learning yoga with Viktor van der Kleij

We learned about how yoga connects with permaculture in healthy and conscious living, and about the importance of microbiology in both our gut biomes and on farms. We learned about holistic ecovillage design, and we learned about how to direct and let flow energy around our chosen spaces for working and living. And we're learning more about how to put it together.

The festival was a great opportunity to network with other ecovllage and intentional community people, including some in the voluntary association, Sacred Earth Association, who are further along the road, and well-aligned with the principles of Ecovillage Creation Western Cape. I recommend 'joining' the association, by having a look at the website and if interested, adding your information to the sign-up form, so that we can have a better idea who our members are and what their key interests and foci regarding ecovillage creation are. Having an association helps us direct our energy together and be more productive than we could be alone.

We are busy making changes to the website. Coming soon is a section where we add profiles of farms or pieces of land where the current owner(s)/custodian(s) of the land have expressed an interest in starting an ecovillage and/or intentional community.

Change is happening! I'm so pleased to be a part of it!