Thursday, 11 February 2016

The journey to Findhorn begins!

I first heard about the Findhorn Foundation in early 2014, when I met their (South African) PR Manager, Geoff, in our Cape Town ecovillage group.

We were beginning our process of Visioning, in which we would eventually come together to write our 3-page-long Vision Document, that the group could stand by to say that this is why we have come together - to form an Ecovillage.

In our Visioning process, we looked to Findhorn and its Common Ground agreements as a good basis to build our thoughts on Visioning, and importantly, to build a Vision that resonated for us in South Africa. By July, we had our Vision, but thoughts of Findhorn remained...

How did they do it?
And are they really a slice of paradise unto themselves, or are they overrated?

I'm off to Findhorn to find out for myself.

This morning at 06:00 I arrived in London, feeling like a starry-eyed tourist - the airport is so huge! And the city, from the air, seemed to go on forever... although I noted the conspicuous absence of a mountain in the centre of the city :P

While the visa application (R5,000 later) process and travel preparation processes were fraught with difficulty, I can also say that everything seems to be proceeding as it should. Everyone I've spoken to about my plans is excited and encouraging!

It reminds me about The Alchemist, a short story by Paulo Coehlo, in which the central character learns about Personal Legends, or Destiny: you know you are on the right journey in life, when it seems that the entire universe is conspiring to help you reach your goal. Random good luck, kindness from strangers, unyielding support from family and close friends....

Watch this space, more content is on the way...


  1. Thanks for this insight. Sounds wonderfully exciting. Am travelling with you in spirit.